A New World Speed Record for Flying Around the Earth Over North and South Poles

The Global Express returns to TAG Farnborough Airport (UK) on
Sunday, 23 November, after crossing both North and South poles.



March 23 - The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) has ratified the TAG TransPolar08 world record flight for average speed around the earth over North and South Poles. Average speed during the circumnavigation flight was 822.8 km/h (444 knots).


Captain Aziz Ojjeh piloted the first and last legs of the flight to qualify for the FAI record.

The flight team (l-to-r), Mike Muller, Fabrice Milliet, John Holter, Diego Vargas, Emil St. Hilaire,Captain Aziz Ojjeh, Malek Adjadj, Diego Ulrich and Jeff Weber.

Photos: David Hatfull

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